Standard Components

Standard Components are a key feature of the AusHFG and provide detailed information on commonly used rooms and spaces across healthcare projects. Each Standard Component is comprised of a Room Data Sheet (RDS) and Room Layout Sheet (RLS).

For further information about this new release of Standard Components, please go to the News & Updates page or refer to the Standard Component Document Register on the Project Resources page.

For further information on how Standard Components should be used, refer to Part B: Health Facility Briefing and Planning.

A number of AusHFG resource files have been developed, these include a Revit file containing all Standard Components.  Please access these and other resources on the Project Resources page.

Project Resources

Project Resources


Retired Standard Components

Retired Standard Components
Room Code Name
AIRLE-6 Airlock - Entry, 6m2
LAUN-PT Laundry - Patient, 6m2
LAUN-MH Laundry - Mental Health, 6m2
LNPA-12 Lounge - Parent, 12m2
LNPF-20 Lounge - Patient/ Family, 20m2
LNPT-30 Lounge - Patient/ Family, 30m2
1BR-SP-B 1 Bed Room - CCU, 20m2
LNPT-10 Lounge - Patient/ Family, 10m2
MEET-12 Meeting Room, 12m2
MEET-L-15 Meeting Room, 15m2
MEET-L-20 Meeting Room, 20m2
MEET-L-30 Meeting Room, 30m2
MOR-AU Mortuary - Autopsy Room
MOR-CS Mortuary - Cool Store
MOR-EX Mortuary - Exit
MOR-VR Mortuary - Viewing Room
MOR-W Mortuary - Waiting
OFF-2P Office - 2 Person Shared, 12m2
OFF-3P Office - 3 Person Shared, 15m2
OFF-4P Office - 4 Person Shared, 20m2
OFF-CLN Office - Clinical Workroom
OFF-S9 Office - Single Person, 9m2
OFF-S12 Office - Single Person, 12m2
OFF-SWS Office - Shared Workstation, 2.2m2
OFF-WI-5 Office - Write-up, 5m2
OVBR Overnight Stay - Bedroom
PAR Parenting Room
ADLB ADL Bathroom
ADLD ADL Dining / Lounge
ADLK-OP ADL Kitchen - Open Bay
ADLL ADL Laundry
AHBBF After Hours Blood Fridge
AHDR After Hours Drug Store
AIRLE-12 Airlock - Entry, 12m2
ANRM Anteroom
ASPR-20 Assembly / Preparation (Pharmacy), 20m2
ASPR-30 Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 30m2
AUDIO Audiology Testing Room
BATM-2 Bay - ATM
BBW Bay - Blanket/ Fluid Warmer
BES Bay - Emergency Shower
BFLW-ENC Bay - Flowers, Enclosed, 4m2
BFLW-OP Bay - Flowers, Open Plan, 2m2
BHW Bay - Height/Weight
BHWS-A Bay - Handwashing, Type A
BHWS-B Bay - Handwashing, Type B
BHWS-C Bay - Handwashing, Type C
BHWS-PPE Bay - Handwashing / PPE
BLIN Bay - Linen
PBTR-H-6 Patient Bay - Holding, 6m2
BLST Blood Store
PBTR-H-9 Patient Bay - Holding, 9m2
BMEQ-4 Bay - Mobile Equipment, 4m2
BMEQ-6 Bay - Mobile Equipment, 6m2
PLAP-10 Play Area - Paediatric, 10m2
PLAP-20 Play Area - Paediatric, 20m2
BPATH Bay - Pathology
PLST Plaster Room
BPH Bay - Public Telephone
PODTR-12 Podiatry Treatment, 12m2
BPTS Bay - Pneumatic Tube
BRES Bay - Resuscitation Trolley
BSE-1 Bay - Storage (Enclosed), 1m2
BS-1 Bay - Storage, 1m2
BS-4 Bay - Storage, 4m2
BUT-1 Bay - Utility, 1m2
BUT-2 Bay - Utility, 2m2
BWD-1 Bay - Water Dispenser
PODTR-14 Podiatry Treatment, 14m2
CHPT Change Cubicle - Patient, 2m2
PREP Preparation Room - Non Sterile (Pharmacy)
CHPT-D Change Cubicle - Accessible, 4m2
CHST-35 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 35m2
PROP-2 Property Bay - Staff, 2m2
CLRM-5 Cleaner's Room, 5m2
RECL-10 Reception/ Clerical, 10m2
RECL-15 Reception/ Clerical, 15m2
CLRM-10 Cleaner's Room, 10m2
CLUP-7 Clean-up Room, 7m2
SHST Shower - Staff, 3m2
CLUR-8 Clean Utility/ Medication Room - Sub, 8m2
CLUR-14 Clean Utility/ Medication Room, 14m2
COMM Communications Room
CONS Consult Room
CORR Corridor - Patient Treatment Areas
DENSR-14 Dental Surgery, 14m2
SPECC Specimen Collection Bay
DENSR-16 Dental Surgery, 16m2
DENW Dental Workroom
DINBEV-25 Dining Room/Beverage Bay (Mental Health), 25m2
DINR Dining - Patients
DISP-8 Disposal Room, 8m2
DTUR-12 Dirty Utility, 12m2
DTUR-S Dirty Utility - Sub, 8m2
ECL-8 Equipment Clean-up, 8m2
ECL-10 Equipment Clean-up, 10m2
GRE Goods Receipt - Pharmacy
GYAH-45 Gymnasium, 45m2
GYAH-60 Gymnasium, 60m2
HYDP Hydrotherapy Pool
INTF Interview Room
SRM-18 Staff Room, 18m2
SRM-15 Staff Room, 15m2
SRM-25 Staff Room, 25m2
SRM-35 Staff Room, 35m2
SSTN-10 Staff Station, 10m2
STAD Store - Accountable Drugs
STBK-20 Store - Bulk, 20m2
STBK-40 Store - Bulk, 40m2
STCL Store - Cleaners
STEQ-14 Store - Equipment, 14m2
STEQ-20 Store - Equipment, 20m2
STFS-10 Store - Files, 10m2
STFS-20 Store - Files, 20m2
STGN-8 Store - General, 8m2
STGN-9 Store - General, 9m2
STPP Store - Patient Property
STPS-8 Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 8m2
STPS-10 Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 10m2
STSS-20 Store - Sterile Stock, 20m2
TRMT Treatment Room
TRMT-CHE Treatment Bay - Chemotherapy, 9m2
TRMT-RD-A Treatment Bay - Renal Dialysis, Type A
WAIT-10 Waiting, 10m2
WAIT-20 Waiting, 20m2
WAIT-30 Waiting, 30m2
WAIT-50 Waiting, 50m2
WAIT-SEC Waiting - Secure, 6m2
WAIT-SUB Waiting - Sub, 5m2
WCAC Toilet - Accessible, 6m2
WCPU-3 Toilet - Public, 3m2
WCST Toilet - Staff, 3m2
WTPL Water Treatment Plant Room
BATH Bathroom
BBEV-OP Bay - Beverage, Open Plan, 4m2
BMT-4 Bay - Meal Trolley
BPPE Bay - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
BVM-3 Bay - Vending Machine
BWC Bay - Wheelchair Park
CHPT-12 Change Room - Patient (Male/Female), 12m2
CHST-10 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 10m2
CHST-20 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 20m2
CLUP-P Clean-up Room (Pathology), 12m2
CLUR-12 Clean Utility/ Medication Room, 12m2
DISP-10 Disposal Room, 10m2
DTUR-14 Dirty Utility, 14m2
ECL-12 Equipment Clean-up / Loan Equipment, 12m2
ECL-14 Equipment Clean-Up, 14m2
ENS-SP Ensuite - Special, 6m2
ENS-ST-A1 Ensuite - Inboard - Alternative 1, 5m2
MEET-9 Meeting Room, 9m2
MEET-L-55 Meeting Room, 55m2
MOR-CU Mortuary - Clean-up Area
OVES Overnight Stay - Ensuite
PHA-CO Pharmacy Counter
PROC-20 Procedure Room, 20m2
PTRY Pantry
RECL-12 Reception/ Clerical, 12m2
SHD Shower - Accessible, 4m2
SHPT Shower - Patient, 4m2
SSTN-14 Staff Station, 14m2
SSTN-20 Staff Station, 20m2
STDR-10 Medication Room, 10m2
WCPT Toilet - Patient, 4m2
TRMT-RD-B Treatment Bay - Renal Dialysis, Type B
PROC-16 Procedure Room, 16m2
ENS-ST-A3 Ensuite - Inboard - Alternative 3, 5m2
ENS-ST-A2 Ensuite - Inboard - Alternative 2, 5m2
ENS-ST-B Ensuite - Outboard, 5m2
BBEV-ENC Bay - Beverage, Enclosed, 5m2
ENS-ACC Ensuite - Accessible, 7m2
ENS-BA Ensuite - Bariatric, 7m2
ENS-SH Ensuite - Shared, 6m2
SECR-10 Security Room, 10m2
SPREC Specimen Reception / Sort / Preparation
DTUR-10 Dirty Utility, 10m2
1BR-H-12 1 Bed Room - Holding, 12m2
1BR-BA 1 Bed Room - Bariatric
1BR-IS-N1 1 Bed Room - Isolation, Negative Pressure, Type 1
1BR-IS-N2 1 Bed Room - Isolation - Negative Pressure, Type 2
1BR-SP-A1 1 Bed Room - Special, Inboard Ensuite, Type 1
1BR-SP-A2 1 Bed Room - Special, Inboard Ensuite, Type 2
1BR-ST-A1 1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 1
1BR-ST-A2 1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 2
1BR-ST-A3 1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 3
1BR-ST-B1 1 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, Type 1
2BR-ST-A1 2 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 1
1BR-ST-B2 1 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, Type 2
1BR-ST-B3 1 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, Type 3
2BR-ST-B 2 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite
4BR-ST 4 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite
BIRM-A Birthing Room - LDR Without Bath
1BR-ST-D 1 Bed Room - Back to Back Ensuite
2BR-ST-A2 2 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 2
BIRM-B Birthing Room - LDR With Bath
CONS-UN Consult Room - Universal Access
ENS-BR Ensuite - Birthing, 7m2
ENS-ST-C Ensuite - Back to Back, 5m2
1BR-MH-A 1 Bed Room - Mental Health - Inboard Ensuite, 15m2
1BR-MH-C 1 Bed Room - Mental Health - Back to Back Ensuite, 15m2
ENS-MH-A Ensuite - Mental Health - Inboard, 5m2
ENS-MH-B Ensuite - Mental Health - Inboard Access from Corridor, 5m2
SECL Seclusion Room
ORGN Operating Room - General
PBTR-RS1 Patient Bay - Recovery Stage 1, 9m2
INTF-MH Interview Room - Mental Health
ANAE-16 Anaesthetic Preparation Room, 16m²
CLUP-10 Clean-Up Room - Shared, 10m2
ENPR Procedure Room - Endoscopy
SCRB-4 Scrub Up, 4m2
STSS-CC Store - Sterile Stock, Central Core
ADLK-ENC ADL Kitchen - Enclosed
PBAT Patient Bay, Emergency - Ambulance Triage New
PBTR-AS Patient Room, Emergency - Acute Treatment Special New
PBTR-FT Patient Bay, Emergency - Fast Track New
TRIAGE-1 Triage Assessment Room, Emergency - Type 1 New
TRIAGE-2 Triage Assessment Room, Emergency - Type 2 New
MRICR MRI Control Room New
OPG OPG Room New
PET-CT PET-CT Imaging Room New
REPR Reporting Room New
REPW Reporting Workstation New
SPECT-CT SPECT-CT Imaging Room New
ULTR-PR Ultrasound Room - Procedures New
CONS-ENT-OP Consult Room - ENT/ Ophthalmology Updated
PBTR-A Patient Bay - Acute Treatment Updated
PBTR-NA Patient Bay, Emergency - Non Acute Treatment Updated
PBTR-R Patient Bay, Emergency - Resuscitation Updated
REC-E Reception, Emergency Updated
1BR-IC 1 Bed Room - Intensive Care Updated
PBIC Patient Bay - Intensive Care Updated
CTCR CT Imaging Control Room Updated
CTIR CT Imaging Room Updated
FLUO Fluoroscopy Room Updated
GENXR General X-Ray Room Updated
MAMMO Mammography Room Updated
FLUOC Fluoroscopy Control Room New
ULTR Ultrasound Room Updated
NBGC Neonatal Bay - General Care, 5m2
NBICU Neonatal Bay - Intensive Care, 12m2
NBSC Neonatal Bay - Special Care, 10m2
ANCRT Angiography Control/ Reporting Room
ANPR Angiography Procedure Room
ANSS Angiography Sterile Store/ Set-up
CLAB Catheter Laboratory Procedure Room
CLCRT Catheter Lab Control / Reporting Room
ECHO Echocardiography - Trans-oesophageal
STRT Stress Testing