Standard Components

Standard Components are a key feature of the AusHFG and provide detailed information on commonly used rooms and spaces across healthcare projects. Each Standard Component is comprised of a Room Data Sheet (RDS) and Room Layout Sheet (RLS).

For further information about this new release of Standard Components, please go to the News & Updates page or refer to the Standard Component Document Register on the Project Resources page.

For further information on how Standard Components should be used, refer to Part B: Health Facility Briefing and Planning.

A number of AusHFG resource files have been developed, these include a Revit file containing all Standard Components.  Please access these and other resources on the Project Resources page.

Project Resources

Project Resources


Room Code Name
AIRLE-6 Airlock - Entry, 6m2
LAUN-PT Laundry - Patient, 6m2
LAUN-MH Laundry - Mental Health, 6m2
LNPA-12 Lounge - Parent, 12m2
LNPF-20 Lounge - Patient/ Family, 20m2
1BR-MH-A 1 Bed Room - Mental Health - Inboard Ensuite, 14m2
LNPT-30 Lounge - Patient/ Family, 30m2
1BR-SP-B 1 Bed Room - CCU, 20m2
LNPT-10 Lounge - Patient/ Family, 10m2
MEET-12 Meeting Room, 12m2
MEET-L-15 Meeting Room, 15m2
MEET-L-20 Meeting Room, 20m2
MEET-L-30 Meeting Room, 30m2
MOR-AU Mortuary - Autopsy Room
MOR-CS Mortuary - Cool Store
MOR-EX Mortuary - Exit
MOR-VR Mortuary - Viewing Room
MOR-W Mortuary - Waiting
NBGC Neonatal Bay - General Care, 5m2
NBICU Neonatal Bay - Intensive Care, 12m2
NBSC Neonatal Bay - Special Care, 10m2
OFF-2P Office - 2 Person Shared, 12m2
2BR-MH-A 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Inboard Ensuite, 28m2
OFF-3P Office - 3 Person Shared, 15m2
OFF-4P Office - 4 Person Shared, 20m2
OFF-CLN Office - Clinical Workroom
OFF-S9 Office - Single Person, 9m2
1BR-MH-B 1 Bed Room - Mental Health - Shared Ensuite, 14m2
1BR-MH-C 1 Bed Room - Mental Health - Back to Back Ensuite, 14m2
OFF-S12 Office - Single Person, 12m2
OFF-SWS Office - Shared Workstation, 2.2m2
OFF-WI-5 Office - Write-up, 5m2
OVBR Overnight Stay - Bedroom
PAR Parenting Room
PBC-20 Patient Bay - Critical, 20m2
2BR-MH-B 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Shared Ensuite, 28m2
PBC-24 Patient Bay - Critical, 24m2
2BR-MH-C 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Back to Back Ensuite, 28m2
2BR-MH-D 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Back to Back Ensuite (Alternative), 28m2
ADLB ADL Bathroom
ADLD ADL Dining / Lounge
PBCE-20 Patient Bay - Critical (Enclosed), 20m2
ADLK-OP ADL Kitchen - Open Bay
ADLL ADL Laundry
AHBBF After Hours Blood Fridge
AHDR After Hours Drug Store
AIRLE-12 Airlock - Entry, 12m2
AMBTR Ambulance Triage
ANCRT Angiography Control/ Reporting Room
ANPR Angiography Procedure Room
ANRM Anteroom
ANSS Angiography Sterile Store/ Set-up
ASPR-20 Assembly / Preparation (Pharmacy), 20m2
ASPR-30 Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 30m2
AUDIO Audiology Testing Room
BATM-2 Bay - ATM
BBW Bay - Blanket/ Fluid Warmer
BES Bay - Emergency Shower
BFLW-ENC Bay - Flowers, Enclosed, 4m2
BFLW-OP Bay - Flowers, Open Plan, 2m2
BHW Bay - Height/Weight
BHWS-A Bay - Handwashing, Type A
BHWS-B Bay - Handwashing, Type B
BHWS-C Bay - Handwashing, Type C
BHWS-PPE Bay - Handwashing / PPE
PBCE-25 Patient Bay - Critical (Enclosed), 25m2
PBTR-A12 Patient Bay - Acute Treatment, 12m2
BLIN Bay - Linen
PBTR-H-6 Patient Bay - Holding, 6m2
BLST Blood Store
PBTR-H-9 Patient Bay - Holding, 9m2
BMEQ-4 Bay - Mobile Equipment, 4m2
PBTR-NA Patient Bay - Non Acute Treatment, 10m2
BMEQ-6 Bay - Mobile Equipment, 6m2
PBTR-R Patient Bay - Resuscitation, 25m2
PLAP-10 Play Area - Paediatric, 10m2
PLAP-20 Play Area - Paediatric, 20m2
BPATH Bay - Pathology
PLST Plaster Room
BPH Bay - Public Telephone
PODTR-12 Podiatry Treatment, 12m2
BPTS Bay - Pneumatic Tube
BRES Bay - Resuscitation Trolley
BSE-1 Bay - Storage (Enclosed), 1m2
BS-1 Bay - Storage, 1m2
BS-4 Bay - Storage, 4m2
BUT-1 Bay - Utility, 1m2
BUT-2 Bay - Utility, 2m2
BWD-1 Bay - Water Dispenser
PODTR-14 Podiatry Treatment, 14m2
CHPT Change Cubicle - Patient, 2m2
PREP Preparation Room - Non Sterile (Pharmacy)
CHPT-D Change Cubicle - Accessible, 4m2
PREP-S Preparation/ Set-up Room (Imaging)
CHST-35 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 35m2
CLAB Catheter Laboratory Procedure Room
CLCRT Catheter Lab Control / Reporting Room
PROP-2 Property Bay - Staff, 2m2
CLRM-5 Cleaner's Room, 5m2
RECL-10 Reception/ Clerical, 10m2
RECL-15 Reception/ Clerical, 15m2
SCRN Screening Room (Fluoroscopy)
CLRM-10 Cleaner's Room, 10m2
SHDEC Shower - Decontamination, 8m2
CLUP-7 Clean-up Room, 7m2
SHST Shower - Staff, 3m2
CLUR-8 Clean Utility/ Medication Room - Sub, 8m2
CLUR-14 Clean Utility/ Medication Room, 14m2
COMM Communications Room
CONS Consult Room
CONS-ENT-OP Consult Room - ENT/ Ophthalmology
CORR Corridor - Patient Treatment Areas
CTCR CT Scanning - Control Room
CTPR CT Scanning - Procedure Room
DENSR-14 Dental Surgery, 14m2
SPECC Specimen Collection Bay
DENSR-16 Dental Surgery, 16m2
DENW Dental Workroom
DINBEV-25 Dining Room/Beverage Bay (Mental Health), 25m2
DINR Dining - Patients
DISP-8 Disposal Room, 8m2
DPRO Daylight Processing
DTUR-12 Dirty Utility, 12m2
DTUR-S Dirty Utility - Sub, 8m2
ECHO Echocardiography - Trans-oesophageal
ECL-8 Equipment Clean-up, 8m2
ECL-10 Equipment Clean-up, 10m2
ENS-MH-A Ensuite - Mental Health - Inboard, 5m2
FPVR Film Processing, Viewing and Reporting
GENXR General X-ray
GRE Goods Receipt - Pharmacy
GYAH-45 Gymnasium, 45m2
GYAH-60 Gymnasium, 60m2
HYDP Hydrotherapy Pool
INTF Interview Room
SRM-18 Staff Room, 18m2
SRM-15 Staff Room, 15m2
SRM-25 Staff Room, 25m2
SRM-35 Staff Room, 35m2
SSTN-10 Staff Station, 10m2
STAD Store - Accountable Drugs
STBK-20 Store - Bulk, 20m2
STBK-40 Store - Bulk, 40m2
STCL Store - Cleaners
STDE Store - Disaster Equipment
STEQ-14 Store - Equipment, 14m2
STEQ-20 Store - Equipment, 20m2
STFS-10 Store - Files, 10m2
STFS-20 Store - Files, 20m2
STGN-8 Store - General, 8m2
STGN-9 Store - General, 9m2
STPP Store - Patient Property
STPS-8 Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 8m2
STPS-10 Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 10m2
STRT Stress Testing
TRMT Treatment Room
TRMT-CHE Treatment Bay - Chemotherapy, 9m2
TRMT-RD-A Treatment Bay - Renal Dialysis, Type A
ULTR Ultrasound
WAIT-10 Waiting, 10m2
WAIT-20 Waiting, 20m2
WAIT-30 Waiting, 30m2
WAIT-50 Waiting, 50m2
WAIT-SEC Waiting - Secure, 6m2
WAIT-SUB Waiting - Sub, 5m2
WCAC Toilet - Accessible, 6m2
WCPU-3 Toilet - Public, 3m2
WCST Toilet - Staff, 3m2
WTPL Water Treatment Plant Room
XRRR X-ray Viewing and Reporting
BATH Bathroom
BBEV-OP Bay - Beverage, Open Plan, 4m2
BMT-4 Bay - Meal Trolley
BPPE Bay - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
BVM-3 Bay - Vending Machine
BWC Bay - Wheelchair Park
CHPT-12 Change Room - Patient (Male/Female), 12m2
CHST-10 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 10m2
CHST-20 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 20m2
CLUP-P Clean-up Room (Pathology), 12m2
CLUR-12 Clean Utility/ Medication Room, 12m2
DISP-10 Disposal Room, 10m2
DTUR-14 Dirty Utility, 14m2
ECL-12 Equipment Clean-up / Loan Equipment, 12m2
ECL-14 Equipment Clean-Up, 14m2
ENS-SP Ensuite - Special, 6m2
ENS-ST-A1 Ensuite - Inboard - Alternative 1, 5m2
MAMMO Mammography
MEET-9 Meeting Room, 9m2
MEET-L-55 Meeting Room, 55m2
MOR-CU Mortuary - Clean-up Area
OVES Overnight Stay - Ensuite
PACS PACS Storage and Viewing
PHA-CO Pharmacy Counter
PROC-20 Procedure Room, 20m2
PTRY Pantry
RECL-12 Reception/ Clerical, 12m2
SECL Seclusion Room
SHD Shower - Accessible, 4m2
SHPT Shower - Patient, 4m2
SSTN-14 Staff Station, 14m2
SSTN-20 Staff Station, 20m2
STDR-10 Medication Room, 10m2
WCPT Toilet - Patient, 4m2
TRMT-RD-B Treatment Bay - Renal Dialysis, Type B
PROC-16 Procedure Room, 16m2
ENS-ST-A3 Ensuite - Inboard - Alternative 3, 5m2
ENS-ST-A2 Ensuite - Inboard - Alternative 2, 5m2
ENS-ST-B Ensuite - Outboard, 5m2
BBEV-ENC Bay - Beverage, Enclosed, 5m2
ENS-ACC Ensuite - Accessible, 7m2
ENS-BA Ensuite - Bariatric, 7m2
ENS-SH Ensuite - Shared, 6m2
ENS-MH-B Ensuite - Mental Health - Inboard Access from Corridor, 5m2
REC-E Reception (Emergency), 20m2
SECR-10 Security Room, 10m2
SPREC Specimen Reception / Sort / Preparation
DTUR-10 Dirty Utility, 10m2
1BR-H-12 1 Bed Room - Holding, 12m2
1BR-BA 1 Bed Room - Bariatric
1BR-IS-N1 1 Bed Room - Isolation, Negative Pressure, Type 1
1BR-IS-N2 1 Bed Room - Isolation - Negative Pressure, Type 2
1BR-SP-A1 1 Bed Room - Special, Inboard Ensuite, Type 1
1BR-SP-A2 1 Bed Room - Special, Inboard Ensuite, Type 2
1BR-ST-A1 1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 1
1BR-ST-A2 1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 2
1BR-ST-A3 1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 3
1BR-ST-B1 1 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, Type 1
2BR-ST-A1 2 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 1
1BR-ST-B2 1 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, Type 2
1BR-ST-B3 1 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, Type 3
2BR-ST-B 2 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite
4BR-ST 4 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite
BIRM-A Birthing Room - LDR Without Bath
1BR-ST-D 1 Bed Room - Back to Back Ensuite
2BR-ST-A2 2 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 2
BIRM-B Birthing Room - LDR With Bath
CONS-UN Consult Room - Universal Access
ENS-BR Ensuite - Birthing, 7m2
ENS-ST-C Ensuite - Back to Back, 5m2
ORGN Operating Room - General, 42m2
ORMS Operating Room - Minor, 32m2
ANIN Anaesthetic Induction Room
PBTR-RS1 Patient Bay - Recovery Stage 1, 9m2
SCRB-6 Scrub Up / Gowning, 6m2
SCRB-8 Scrub Up/ Gowning, 8m2
SCRBS Scrub Up/ Gowning - Shared, 10m2
CLUP-15 Clean-up Room - Shared, 15m2
SETUP-8 Set-up Room
STSS-12 Store - Sterile Stock, 12m2
STSS-20 Store - Sterile Stock, 20m2
STSS-24 Store - Sterile Stock, 24m2
STSS-30 Store - Sterile Stock, 30m2
ORLA Operating Room - Large, 52m2