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Retired Standard Components

This section contains standard components that have been retired.

Room Code Name
1BR-IS-P 1 Bed Room - Isolation, Positive Pressure, 15m2 (RETIRED)
1BR-ST-C 1 Bed Room - Shared Ensuite, 15m2 (RETIRED)
MEET-12 Meeting Room, 12m2 (RETIRED)
NBGC Neonatal Bay - General Care, 5m2 (RETIRED)
2BR-MH-A 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Inboard Ensuite, 28m2 (RETIRED)
OFF-3P Office - 3 Person Shared, 15m2 (RETIRED)
OFF-4P Office - 4 Person Shared, 20m2 (RETIRED)
1BR-MH-B 1 Bed Room - Mental Health - Shared Ensuite, 14m2 (RETIRED)
ORMS Operating Room - Minor, 32m2 (RETIRED)
PBC-20 Patient Bay - Critical, 20m2 (RETIRED)
2BR-MH-B 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Shared Ensuite, 28m2 (RETIRED)
2BR-MH-C 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Back to Back Ensuite, 28m2 (RETIRED)
2BR-MH-D 2 Bed Room - Mental Health - Back to Back Ensuite (Alternative), 28m2 (RETIRED)
PBCE-20 Patient Bay - Critical (Enclosed), 20m2 (RETIRED)
AMBTR Ambulance Triage (RETIRED)
ANCRT Angiography Control/ Reporting Room (RETIRED)
ANIN Anaesthetic Induction Room (RETIRED)
ANPR Angiography Procedure Room (RETIRED)
ANSS Angiography Sterile Store/ Set-up (RETIRED)
ASPR-20 Assembly / Preparation (Pharmacy), 20m2 (RETIRED)
ASPR-30 Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 30m2 (RETIRED)
BHWS-C Bay - Handwashing, Type C (RETIRED)
BHWS-PPE Bay - Handwashing / PPE (RETIRED)
BMEQ-6 Bay - Mobile Equipment, 6m2 (RETIRED)
PLAP-20 Play Area - Paediatric, 20m2 (RETIRED)
BPH Bay - Public Telephone (RETIRED)
PODTR-12 Podiatry Treatment, 12m2 (RETIRED)
BSE-1 Bay - Storage (Enclosed), 1m2 (RETIRED)
BS-1 Bay - Storage, 1m2 (RETIRED)
BS-4 Bay - Storage, 4m2 (RETIRED)
BUT-1 Bay - Utility, 1m2 (RETIRED)
BUT-2 Bay - Utility, 2m2 (RETIRED)
PREP-S Preparation/ Set-up Room (Imaging) (RETIRED)
SCRB-6 Scrub Up / Gowning, 6m2 (RETIRED)
SCRB-8 Scrub Up/ Gowning, 8m2 (RETIRED)
SCRBS Scrub Up/ Gowning - Shared, 10m2 (RETIRED)
SHDEC Shower - Decontamination, 8m2 (RETIRED)
CLUP-15 Clean-up Room - Shared, 15m2 (RETIRED)
CLUR-14 Clean Utility/ Medication Room, 14m2 (RETIRED)
DENSR-14 Dental Surgery, 14m2 (RETIRED)
DENSR-16 Dental Surgery, 16m2 (RETIRED)
DPRO Daylight Processing (RETIRED)
ENS-BR-A Ensuite - Birthing Room, 10m2 (RETIRED)
FORM Formula Room (RETIRED)
FPVR Film Processing, Viewing and Reporting (RETIRED)
GRE Goods Receipt - Pharmacy (RETIRED)
GYAH-45 Gymnasium, 45m2 (RETIRED)
GYAH-60 Gymnasium, 60m2 (RETIRED)
SRM-18 Staff Room, 18m2 (RETIRED)
SETUP-8 Set-up Room (RETIRED)
SRM-25 Staff Room, 25m2 (RETIRED)
STDE Store - Disaster Equipment (RETIRED)
STGN-8 Store - General, 8m2 (RETIRED)
STPS-8 Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 8m2 (RETIRED)
STPS-10 Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 10m2 (RETIRED)
STSS-12 Store - Sterile Stock, 12m2 (RETIRED)
STSS-24 Store - Sterile Stock, 24m2 (RETIRED)
STSS-30 Store - Sterile Stock, 30m2 (RETIRED)
TRMT-CHE Treatment Bay - Chemotherapy, 9m2 (RETIRED)
WAIT-50 Waiting, 50m2 (RETIRED)
XRRR X-ray Viewing and Reporting (RETIRED)
BPPE Bay - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) (RETIRED)
CHST-20 Change - Staff (Male/Female), 20m2 (RETIRED)
CLUP-P Clean-up Room (Pathology), 12m2 (RETIRED)
CLUR-12 Clean Utility/ Medication Room, 12m2 (RETIRED)
ENS-BR-B Ensuite - Birthing Room, Alternative, 5m2 (RETIRED)
MOR-CU Mortuary - Clean-up Area (RETIRED)
ORLA Operating Room - Large, 52m2 (RETIRED)
PACS PACS Storage and Viewing (RETIRED)
RECL-12 Reception/ Clerical, 12m2 (RETIRED)
STDR-10 Medication Room, 10m2 (RETIRED)
PROC-16 Procedure Room, 16m2 (RETIRED)
4BR-ST-B 4 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, 42m2 (RETIRED)
SPREC Specimen Reception / Sort / Preparation (RETIRED)
ADLK-ENC ADL Kitchen - Enclosed (RETIRED)