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Due to an ongoing review and update of the Revit model, the currently published version does not include the latest Standard Component updates that were published on the 30th June 2022.  This will be updated as soon as possible and we apologise for any incovenience.

The downloads below include a single Revit file and matching IFC file containing all currently modelled Standard Components available for download for use by designers.  This resource represents the greatest innovation and upgrade of the AusHFG information.  Through provision of this information, AHIA has responded to the needs of the industry and is supporting the use of Building Information Modelling throughout the health infrastructure sector.  To assist with use of the Revit model content, the model's shared parameter file and notes on use are also provided below.  To assist with use of the IFC model content, notes for it are also provided, which include guidance for non-designers wishing to access the IFC model through commonly available viewers.

AusHFG Revit model revision 9.0
AusHFG Revit model revision 9.0 - shared parameter file
Notes on use of the AusHFG Revit Model
AusHFG IFC Model Revision 9.0
Notes on the use of the AusHFG IFC Model

The AusHFG Item Control Schedule lists all the items in the AusHFG item library, along with their current names and codes, plus previous names and codes where applicable.  If the item is in use in a Standard Component and also modelled in the AusHFG Revit resource, the Item Control Schedule identifies its Revit family and type name.  

The Item Control Schedule also provides information about documentation conventions used when managing the AusHFG item library, along with other details about its use in conjunction with other AusHFG resources.

Item Control Schedule v1.11 - pdf version
Item Control Schedule v1.11 - xls version

The AusHFG Standard Component Flat File is a combined document with all standard component room data and equipment occurrences. It is provided as a single file for ease of import for database or BIM platforms. It is provided as is, for reference only.

AusHFG Standard Components File for Import