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Frequently Asked Questions

Website visitors can direct questions to the AusHFG Project Team. Questions may relate to a range of topics such as site navigation or applying AusHFG resource information. Some of the most commonly asked questions have been listed below. If more information is required, visitors can submit the form and a team member will respond.

What is the meaning of Discounted Circulation %?

Discounted circulation relates to the additional area included in the Schedule of Accommodation (SOA) to account for corridor space within a department and other ancillary spaces that are not briefed. Refer to AusHFG Part C, which includes a definition of intra-departmental circulation and how the areas are calculated. This is separate to ‘Travel and Engineering’. Travel incorporates corridors and other enclosed spaces that connect departments, e.g. inter-departmental corridors, lift shafts and fire stairs. Engineering covers space associated with engineering plant and equipment, e.g. plant and communications rooms. Recommended rates are included in Part C.

Can I obtain an Excel list of finishes (floor, ceiling and wall) included in the AusHFG Standard Components?

The full list of finishes is found in the Item Control Schedule. This is located in the 'Project Resources' section: https://healthfacilityguidelines.com.au/content/project-resources.

How are AusHFG room areas measured / calculated?

The method of measurement used in the AusHFG is described in the document 'Part C: Design for Access, Mobility, Safety and Security' – please refer to Section 2.5.


Can I be involved with the AHIA Meetings and/or Sub-Groups?

The membership for AHIA is made up of senior asset managers from the public health authority of each Australian State and Territory and New Zealand. It is not an open committee for others to join. We do however welcome any feedback you have on any of the AusHFG resources which will then be considered when the particular resource is next due for revision. Feedback can be submitted on the website: https://healthfacilityguidelines.com.au/feedback?nid=4

Is there a way to obtain the AusHFG BIM documents in AutoCAD format?

To develop our Standard Components we use Revit (version 2019) and, as a by-product, we provide the Revit Model as a resource on our website under our BIM Resources section. The model contains the room layouts of all our Standard Components. We are unable to provide additional file types at this time.

Where can I find a complete list of the AusHFG codes used in AusHFG Standard Components?

The list of AusHFG codes are noted under the ‘AusHFG Item Control Schedule’ found here: https://www.healthfacilityguidelines.com.au/content/bim-resources

Can I access the Standard Components Document Register on Revit 2018 - 2019?

The Revit Model has been upgraded from Revit 2016 to Revit 2019. The decision for us to upgrade to Revit 2019 was made to assist with our development of the Standard Components as we were having issues with older versions no longer being supported. Unfortunately the Standard Components Document Register will not open in earlier versions of Revit.

Do you offer any courses in Health Facility Planning and Design?

We do not offer any training or education courses in health facility planning and design. For overarching guidance, refer to AusHFG Parts: https://healthfacilityguidelines.com.au/aushfg-parts

Can I have copies of the photos displayed on the AusHFG website carousel?

Photos uploaded to the AusHFG website are not available for further distribution by the AusHFG Team. A news item accompanies updates to website photos, giving details of the origin of photos. It is recommended that the provider of the photos is contacted directly for any further information.

Can I display my photos on the AusHFG website?

Photos for display on the AusHFG website are provided by AHIA members from recently delivered facilities in their jurisdictions. The AusHFG consultant architect will also be asked to provide photos from time to time. Requests to display photos can be sent in via the website and will be considered by the team.

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