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Date published 21/01/2021

Following extensive consultation with clinical and technical experts, the following resources have been updated:

Ambulatory Care Standard Components
Major changes include reflecting contemporary design and fit out requirements supporting patient accessibility and staff safety, as defined in the recently updated Ambulatory Care and Community Health Planning Unit document. All room sizes and names have been updated to align with the Ambulatory Care Schedule of Accommodation in the HPU document. 

The updated Standard Components include:

  • CONS – Consult Room
  • CONS-UN – Consult Room - Universal Access
  • INTV – Interview Room (previously INTF)
  • PLST – Plaster Room
  • PROC – Procedure Room (previously PROC-20)
  • TRMT – Treatment Room
  • PBTR-MD – Patient Bay - Medical Day Treatment (new)

The following related Standard Components have been retired:

  • TRMT-CHE – Treatment Bay - Chemotherapy, 9m2
  • PROC-16 – Procedure Room, 16m2

Please note: the updated procedure room is shown at 20m2 to account for the most common scenario called up across our HPU Schedules of Accommodation (SoA) however the Standard Component may be scaled (including scaled down) as required to suit the briefed area in an SoA.

Mortuary and Autopsy Standard Components
Major changes include updates to reflect contemporary operational models and equipment size. All room sizes have been aligned with the Mortuary and Autopsy Unit Schedule of Accommodation in the recently updated Health Planning Unit document.

The updated/new Standard Components include:

  • MOR-AU – Mortuary - Autopsy Room
  • MOR-BH – Mortuary - Body Holding (previously MOR-CS)
  • MOR-BR – Mortuary - Body Reception (previously MOR-EX)
  • MOR-VR – Mortuary - Viewing Room
  • MOR-W – Mortuary - Waiting

The following related Standard Components have been retired:

  • MOR-CU – Mortuary - Clean-up Area

Clinical Support Set 1 Standard Components
A number of standard components have been retired and new ones created to reflect contemporary models of care and current staff work practices.

The updated Standard Components include:

  • AHDR – After Hours Drug Store
  • BATH – Bathroom
  • BHWS-A – Bay - Handwashing, Type A
  • BHWS-B – Bay - Handwashing, Type B
  • CLN-MED-S – Clean Store/Medication Room, Sub (previously CLUR-8)
  • CLN-MED-20 – Clean Store/Medication Room, 20m2 (new)
  • CLN-10 – Clean Store, 10m2 (new)
  • MED-14 – Medication Room, 14m2 (new)
  • DTUR-10 – Dirty Utility, 10m2
  • DTUR-12 – Dirty Utility, 12m2
  • DTUR-14 – Dirty Utility, 14m2
  • DTUR-S – Dirty Utility, Sub
  • SHAC – Shower - Accessible (previously SHD)
  • SHPT – Shower - Patient
  • WCAC – Toilet - Accessible
  • WCPT – Toilet - Patient
  • WCPU – Toilet – Public (previously WCPU-3)
  • WCST – Toilet - Staff

The following related Standard Components have been retired:

  • BHWS-C – Bay - Handwashing, Type C
  • BHWS-PPE – Bay - Handwashing/ PPE
  • BPPE – Bay - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • BS-1 – Bay - Storage, 1m2
  • BS-4 – Bay - Storage, 4m2
  • BSE-1 – Bay - Storage (Enclosed), 1m2
  • BUT-1 – Bay - Utility, 1m2
  • BUT-2 – Bay - Utility, 2m2
  • CLUR-12 – Clean Utility/Medication Room, 12m2
  • CLUR-14 – Clean Utility/Medication Room, 14m2
  • STDR-10 – Medication Room, 10m2

Project Resources
Updates to the above Standard Components are also reflected in the following updated Project Resources:

  • Standard Component Document Register
  • Standard Component File for Import
  • Item Control Schedule
  • AusHFG Revit Model (and Shared Parameters)
  • AusHFG IFC Model

A thank you is extended to the many user representatives, jurisdictional representatives and consultants who have assisted in the review and production of these resources.

Kind regards,

AusHFG Team