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Date published 02/11/2015

​The Association for Children with a Disability has published an update to the Changing Places Transforming Lives Information Kit (November 2015) to assist in the planning and design of Changing Places toilets.

While inclusion of these spaces is not mandatory, some jurisdictions have already committed to their provision and health services are increasingly requesting that this type of room be included in their redevelopments. The intent of a Changing Places toilet is to provide a purpose-built environment where carers can attend to the personal needs of those in their care. It is likely that only one or two rooms would routinely be provided for each hospital campus however, this decision will be site specific (e.g. after-hours access, hospital size etc.). Changing Places toilets are different from accessible toilets and will routinely include a height adjustable changing bench and a ceiling mounted hoist. In the past, many carers have had to use the toilet floor.

AHIA convened a small group of stakeholders, including consumers, to advise if the design specification contained in the Information Kit (p. 14-31) would be suitable to inform a design in a hospital context. It was agreed that this information should be used rather than create a new standard component.

AHIA plans to update HPU 430 Front of House Unit, in the next few months. It is expected that a Changing Rooms space will be identified and a formal link created to the Information Kit.

In the meantime, this Information Kit should provide the necessary background and detail required for health services to include one of these rooms in new developments if appropriate.​