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Date published 15/03/2017

In October 2016, we announced a Review of AusHFG Item Codes and Naming Conventions.

After six months of intensive work, the review is now complete and AHIA would like to extend its thanks to the many industry and jurisdictional representatives that contributed to its outcomes or provided feedback during the public comment periods.

The outcomes of the Review include the adoption of new naming and coding conventions that give the AusHFG item library greater rigour and will optimise its use within contemporary design, FFE procurement and asset documentation environments.  

Publication of documents using the new naming and coding conventions will commence Wednesday 22 March 2017.  Updated versions of the Standard Component Room Layout Sheets, Room Data Sheets, Standard Component Document Register and Revit model will be incrementally uploaded to the website from this date.

A new tool – the Item Control Schedule – will also be published.  The Item Control Schedule documents the full AusHFG item library and sets out details of the new naming and coding conventions for AusHFG community use.

Please note that the currently published Room Data Sheets and Room Layout Sheets with existing naming and coding systems will remain available on the AusHFG website, via the archive section under each Standard Component or via the compiled sets on the Project Resources page.

Due to the volume of documents to be uploaded, it is anticipated that full publication of new documentation may take up to two weeks, depending on upload speed.  When complete, a notice will posted on the AusHFG website.

Further detail on the review, its outcomes and the documents to be published is contained in the attached Prepublication Information Sheet.