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Date published 22/06/2017

The Room Data Sheets for the following Standard Components have been republished today:

1 Bed Room - Holding, 12m2

1 Bed Room - Special, 18m2

1 Bed Room - CCU, 20m2

1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite

1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 2

1 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, Type 3

1 Bed Room - Shared Ensuite

1 Bed Room - Back to Back Ensuite

2 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, 25m2

2 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, 25m2

4 Bed Room - Inboard Ensuite, 42m2

4 Bed Room - Outboard Ensuite, 42m2

Corridor - Patient Treatment Areas

The Room Data Sheets have been revised to remove comments from the floor finish and skirting items that suggested carpet may be used as an alternative to the vinyl finish specified.  Other content in the Room Data Sheets remains unchanged.

The revision has been made to align these Room Data Sheets with AusHFG Part D, which was updated in 2015 to state “Floor coverings should be easy to clean and repair. Clinical areas where patient care and treatments are undertaken should not be carpeted. Carpet may be provided in selected areas within clinical zones such as interview rooms and office areas.“ (Section 04.03).

AusHFG users should also note that the Mental Health Bed Rooms, which currently specify carpet as their floor finish, are under review by AHIA.  The floor finish for these Standard Components is proposed to be replaced with cushioned vinyl.  Publication of the revised Mental Health Bed Room components is anticipated to occur later this year.