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Date published 09/07/2019

The AusHFG website image carousel has today been updated to showcase examples of Arts in Health.

In 2016 NSW Health committed a Health & the Arts Framework, adopting the national definition for the concept as referring “broadly to the practice of applying creative, participatory or receptive arts interventions to health problems and health promoting settings to create health and wellbeing across the spectrum of health practice from primary prevention through to tertiary treatment.”

Florence Nightingale wrote on the value of colour, shape and form to health in Notes on Nursing more than 160 years ago.

Today the impact of arts as complementary to clinical care is recognised across heritage, storytelling, performing and visual arts proving arts in health is anything but pictures on walls.

Integrating arts infrastructure to accommodate sensory and participatory experiences, such as sound, touch, sight in AusHFG ensures health settings can to strengthen visitor experience, staff morale and patient centric care for intergenerational benefit.

For more information, contact Brigette Uren, Program Director, Arts in Health Brigette.Uren@health.nsw.gov.au or Simone Schnell, Project Officer, Development and Innovation simone.schnell@health.nsw.gov.au

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