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Date published 18/05/2020

Following extensive consultation with clinical and technical experts, the following resources have been updated:

Neonatal Care Standard Components

Major changes include reflecting contemporary equipment requirements and models of care with an emphasis on ‘family integrated care’ as defined in the recently updated Neonatal Care Health Planning Unit document. All room sizes and names have been updated to align with the Neonatal Care Schedule of Accommodation in the HPU document. The updated Standard Components include:

  • NBIC-HD – Neonatal Bay - Intensive Care/ High Dependency Care
  • NBLD – Neonatal Bay - Low Dependency Care

Cardiac Investigations Standard Components

Major changes include updates to reflect contemporary equipment sizing and positioning. All room sizes have been aligned with the Cardiac Investigation Unit Schedule of Accommodation in the recently updated Health Planning Unit document. The updated/new Standard Components include:

  • CLAB-EP – Catheter Laboratory - Electrophysiology Studies
  • CLAB-I – Catheter Laboratory - Interventional
  • CLCR-EP – Catheter Laboratory EP Control Room
  • CLCR-I – Catheter Laboratory Interventional Control Room
  • CLUP-7 – Clean-Up Room, 7m2
  • ECHO-TOE – Echocardiography - Transoesophageal
  • STRT – Stress Testing

Project Resources

Updates to the above Standard Components are also reflected in the following updated Project Resources:

  • Standard Component Document Register
  • AusHFG Revit Model
  • AusHFG IFC Model
  • Item Control Schedule

A thank you is extended to the many user representatives, jurisdictional representatives and consultants who have assisted in the review and production of these resources.

Kind regards,

AusHFG Team