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Date published 31/01/2024

Following extensive consultation with clinical and technical experts, the following resources have been updated:

Cardiac Care Standard Components
Changes include updating the overall layout of the bed room to show a square room with stacked ensuites to provide ample clear area to both sides of the bed for the significant amount of support equipment and diagnostic procedures. Minor adjustments were made to the fit-out of the room

The updated Standard Components include:

  • 1BR-CCU - 1 Bed Room - CCU (previously 1BR-SP-B)

Clinical Support Standard Components
Rooms have been updated to reflect contemporary operational models, FFE and design requirements and to support staff safety and amenity.

The updated Standard Components (Patient Spaces) include:

  • CLRM – Cleaner’s Room (previously CLRM-5)
  • PTRY – Pantry
  • SECR – Security Observation Room (previously SECR-10)
  • COMM – Communications Room


Rooms have been updated with minor changes to layout and fit-out to reflect contemporary operational models, equipment and design requirements and to support patient and staff safety and amenity.
The updated Standard Components (Support Spaces) include:

  • BBW – Bay - Blanket / Fluid Warmer
  • CHPT – Change Cubicle - Patient
  • CHPT-AC – Change Cubicle - Patient, Accessible (previously CHPT-D)
  • PT-HOLD-A – Patient Bay - Holding, Chair (previously PBTR-H-6)
  • PT-HOLD-B – Patient Bay - Holding, Bed (previously PBTR-H-9)
  • PT-RS1 – Patient Bay - Recovery, Stage 1 (previously PBTR-RS1)

The following Standard Components have been retired:

  • 1BR-H-12 – 1 Bed Room - Holding, 12m2

Project Resources
Updates to the above Standard Components are also reflected in the following updated Project Resources:

  • Standard Component Document Register
  • Standard Component File for Import
  • Item Control Schedule

Due to a model update that is in progress, an updated version of the AusHFG Revit Model cannot be provided at this time. The following Resources do NOT yet reflect the above changes to Standard Components:

  • AusHFG Revit Model (and Shared Parameters)
  • AusHFG IFC Model

Please note, communication regarding model updates will be sent out in the near future.

A thank you is extended to the many user representatives, jurisdictional representatives and consultants who have assisted in the review and production of these resources.

Kind regards,

AusHFG Team