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Date published 01/02/2019

The following updated health planning units (HPUs) have been uploaded:

  • 134 – Adult Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit
  • 135 – Older Peoples Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit
  • 136 – Non Acute Inaptient Mental Health Unit
  • 137 – Mental Health Intensive Care Unit.

These HPUs describe the operational, functional and design requirements for a range of mental health inpatient units and should be read in conjunction with HPU 131 Mental Health – Overarching Guideline. The recent revision of these documents has been informed by consultation with clinical experts and consumer representatives.

Key changes to the documents include:

  • removal of duplicated information included in HPU 131 Mental Health - Overarching Guideline, published in March 2018;
  • an update of all content with a focus on contemporary recovery oriented care models of service delivery and design solutions that support active engagement between consumers and staff;
  • inclusion of design strategies that support self-management through a range of therapeutic spaces, e.g. quiet, activity, de-escalation suite and sensory modulation rooms; and
  • revisions to the schedules of accommodation including updates to align with contemporary models of care and the recently revised AusHFG mental health standard components.

A thank you is extended to all those who have contributed to the development of these revised AusHFG resources.

Kind regards,

AusHFG Team.