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Date published 09/02/2021

An updated revision of HPU 620 Renal Dialysis Unit (Revision 7, February 2021) has been uploaded.  The revised version has been informed by an extensive consultation process with clinical, operational and technical experts.

Key changes to the document include:

  • inclusion of models of care, planning and design information relating to facility-based haemodialysis, self-care / community-based haemodialysis and paediatric dialysis services;
  • updates regarding contemporary operational practices for the preparation and disposal of dialysate (dialysis fluid);
  • updated information regarding medications management;
  • inclusion of key considerations relating to the use of cardiac monitoring on dialysis units;
  • inclusion of information relating to ‘Green Dialysis’ including the reuse of Reverse Osmosis (RO) waste water;
  • updated information relating to water treatment systems including water treatment plant rooms and portable RO devices;
  • Schedule of Accommodation (SOA) restructured to provide recommended area allocations for both in-centre and satellite dialysis unit scenarios; and
  • delineation of optional areas to ensure that project teams consider the inclusion of these spaces on a project by project basis based on clinical and optional requirements.

A thank you is extended to all those who have contributed to the review and update of this document.

Kind Regards,

The AusHFG Team