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Date published 22/04/2021

An updated revision of HPU 560 Pharmacy Unit (Revision 7, April 2021) has been uploaded.  The revised version has been informed by an extensive consultation process with clinical, operational and technical experts, including expert advice relating to aseptic production suites.

Key changes to the document include:

  • planning and design guidance relating to automated pharmacy distribution systems including key considerations for the provision of pharmacy robots and automated medication dispensing cabinets;
  • updated information relating to medication storage areas, including Schedule 8 (S8) and cytotoxic medications;
  • updated information relating to aseptic production suites for sterile products, cytotoxic drugs, and/or biological products;
  • acknowledgement of the increasing provision of pharmacy outreach services including home medication review, HITH and remote home monitoring and liaison services, requiring access to telehealth facilities;
  • updated information regarding safety and security requirements for hospital pharmacies;
  • restructure of the SOA to provide recommended areas for pharmacies within a range of hospital sizes linked to the Australian Hospital Peer Groups;
  • revisions to the SOA to align with the recently revised standard components and benchmarking to recently delivered facilities; and
  • updates to key policies, standards and other reference documents.

A thank you is extended to all those who have contributed to the review and update of this document.

Kind Regards,

The AusHFG Team