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Date published 14/07/2021

An updated revision of HPU 350 Small Rural Hospitals / Multipurpose Services (MPS) (Revision 8, June 2021) has been uploaded. The revised version has been informed by an extensive consultation process with clinical, operational and technical experts.

Key changes to the document include:

  • Broadening of the scope of the HPU to incorporate small rural hospitals rather than only Multipurpose Services (MPS).  This document defines 'small rural hospitals' in relation to the Australian Hospital peer group categories.
  • Updated information regarding contemporary operational models for residential care services with the focus on supporting 'ageing in place' and a person-centred model of care through the delivery of a homelike environment.  Additional information and references relating to supporting people with dementia are also included.  
  • Information relating to virtual models of care / telehealth.
  • Inclusion of workforce considerations, in particular to ensure the design supports staff to work efficiently and safely, acknowledging there are often very small staff numbers particularly after hours.
  • Updates to information relating to specific patient groups including children, palliative care and patients presenting with acute behavioural disturbances.
  • Inclusion of information relating to clinical support services not previously covered in detail, including medical imaging, pathology and allied health.
  • Updates to information relating to non-clinical support services including food services, laundry services and facility maintenance.  
  • Updates to information relating to infection control, signage and wayfinding (including considerations of people with dementia), and safety and security considerations.

A thank you is extended to all those who have contributed to the review and update of this document.

Kind Regards,

The AusHFG Team