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Date published 29/05/2019

Following extensive consultation processes with clinical and technical experts, the following resources have been uploaded:

Update to HPU 300 Emergency Unit

An updated health planning unit, HPU 300 Emergency Unit (Revision 7), has been uploaded. Key changes to the document include:

  • general revision of content with a focus on optimising the patient experience, activity flows, staff efficiencies and patient, visitor and staff safety;
  • update to information regarding ambulance service requirements, major incident management and chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) emergencies;
  • restructure of the schedule of accommodation to provide recommended spatial allocations by capacity requirement rather than role delineation (i.e. SOAs are provided for EDs of 5, 15, 30 and 60 bays);
  • update of areas to reflect the recently revised AusHFG ED standard components;
  • inclusion of a 30m2 resus trauma bay for designated trauma services; and
  • inclusion of updated information relating to safety and security within the ED.

The following updates to AusHFG standard components have been uploaded.

Emergency Unit Standard Components

Major changes include general updates to reflect digitisation of patient records and information systems. Changes to the standard components have also been reflected in the update Emergency Unit HPU document. Updated standard components include:

CONS-ENT-OP - Consult Room - ENT/ Ophthalmology

PBAT - Patient Bay, Emergency - Ambulance Triage

PBTR-A - Patient Bay, Emergency - Acute Treatment

PBTR-AS - Patient Room, Emergency - Acute Treatment Special

PBTR-FT - Patient Bay, Emergency - Fast Track

PBTR-NA - Patient Bay, Emergency - Non Acute Treatment

PBTR-R - Patient Bay, Emergency – Resuscitation

REC-E - Reception, Emergency

TRIAGE-1 - Triage Assessment Room, Emergency - Type 1

TRIAGE-2 - Triage Assessment Room, Emergency - Type 2


Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Standard Components

Major changes include reflecting contemporary practice with respect to the use of pendants, information systems and distributed staff bases, and to reflect the needs of carers, visitors and family members who may spend extended amounts of time in the ICU bed rooms.

1BR-IC - 1 Bed Room - Intensive Care

PBIC - Patient Bay - Intensive Care


Medical Imaging Standard Components

Major changes include updates to reflect contemporary equipment sizing and positioning as well as bed access for inpatient use. All of the updated standard components have been tested by major medical equipment vendors. All room sizes have been aligned with the Medical Imaging Schedule of Accommodation in the recently updated Health Planning Unit document.

CTCR - CT Imaging Control Room

CTIR - CT Imaging Room

FLUO - Fluoroscopy Room

FLUOC - Fluoroscopy Control Room

GENXR - General X-Ray Room

MAMMO - Mammography Room

MRICR - MRI Control Room


OPG - OPG Room

PET-CT - PET-CT Imaging Room

REPR - Reporting Room

REPW - Reporting Workstation

SPECT-CT - SPECT-CT Imaging Room


ULTR - Ultrasound Room

ULTR-PR - Ultrasound Room – Procedures


Project Resources

Updates to all the above HPU and Standard Component documentation are also reflected in the following updated Project Resources:

  • Part and HPU Document Register
  • Standard Component Document Register
  • AusHFG Revit Model
  • AusHFG IFC Model
  • Item Control Schedule

A thank you is extended to the many user representatives, jurisdictional representatives and consultants who have assisted in the review and production of these resources.

Kind regards

AusHFG Team