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Date published 04/08/2022

An updated revision of HPU 190 Sterilizing Services and Endoscope Reprocessing Unit (Revision 7, August 2022) has been uploaded to the AusHFG website. The revised version has been informed by an extensive consultation process with clinical, operational and technical experts.

Key changes to the document include: 

  • Change of the HPU name to include Endoscope Reprocessing Units (ERU) to highlight a key element of the guideline.
  • Updated operational policies and models to align with relevant standards and international best practice.
  • Inclusion of new sections relating to Sterilizing Services Unit (SSU) capacity requirements, including guidance on the common number of washer-disinfectors (WDs) and sterilizers required to support different sized operating suites. Guidance around endoscope reprocessing capacity requirements is also included.
  • A summary of process flows with diagrams, to clearly demonstrate the key steps involved in the reprocessing of surgical RMDs and endoscopes.
  • Updates to air handling information to highlight key issues such as pressure differentials, air quality, management of heat gain, pressures in plant room and the need for the system to be operational 24/7 in the inspection, assembly and packaging (IAP) room and sterile stores.
  • Additional information relating to the planning and design requirements to support Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCPs).
  • Updated information relating to technology, to reflect contemporary systems for improving the quality of RMD reprocessing. For example, enhanced inspection and testing techniques; and automated wrapping systems using robotics.
  • General updates to the SOA to reflect contemporary practice, benchmarking to recently delivered facilities, and the associated revised standard components. Key changes include updates to the SSU scenarios to reflect the number of operating rooms supported rather than the number of sterilizers within the unit. Recommended areas are included for units supporting 2, 10 and 20 operating rooms.

A thank you is extended to all those who have contributed to the review and update of this document.

Kind Regards,

The AusHFG Team