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Date published 28/10/2016

At its October 2016 Strategy meeting, AHIA decided to undertake a review of the AusHFG item codes and naming conventions. An AusHFG ‘item’ is any item that appears in the Room Data Sheets under the Room Fabrics, Fittings and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment & Associated Services, and Services lists.

The review will seek to strengthen the extensively-used AusHFG item coding and naming system, to give it greater rigour and make it better suited for use within contemporary design, FFE procurement and asset documentation environments.

The review will be overseen by the AHIA BIM Subgroup, which includes representatives from across the design and construction industries, along with a range of AHIA jurisdictional members.

It is proposed that the review produces a new AusHFG resource called an Item Control Schedule. The Item Control Schedule will document the full set of AusHFG item codes and names and will also include a record of each item’s previous code and name, where it is decided that they are to be edited for greater clarity.

A draft Item Control Schedule will be posted on the AusHFG website for community comment later in 2016, prior to its implementation and consequent update of AusHFG Room Data Sheets, Room Layout Sheets and the Revit file. It should be noted that the specification and content of any AusHFG resources updated as a result of this review will not change - updates will only relate the way that items identified within each Standard Component are coded and described.

As a first step in the process, AHIA is calling for input to the review from the AusHFG community.

Topics the community may wish to comment on include:

  • Items or sets of items that should exist in the AusHFG dataset, but currently don’t.
  • Existing items or sets of items that could be more clearly described, or appear to be duplicates..

Preferred methodologies for:

  • naming conventions, to make items easier to identify just by the item name,
  • adapting coding/naming systems to identify transfer items, ‘child’ items, item heights etc,
  • documenting joinery items, and
  • creating project-specific items in a way that makes them distinguishable from existing AusHFG items.

Submissions can be made by using the AusHFG “Give Feedback” button on the top of the AusHFG home page: https://healthfacilityguidelines.com.au/

Please title your input ‘Review of AusHFG Item Codes and Naming Conventions’

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 7 November 2016.