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Date published 28/09/2018

AHIA is pleased to announce the provision of a new AusHFG resource: the AusHFG IFC model.

The AusHFG IFC model contains all currently modelled Standard Components in a platform neutral, open file format. The IFC model can be explored by designers and non-designers alike via any software platform that carries an IFC viewer. An associated document, Notes on use of the AusHFG IFC model, provides some guidance on how to access and explore the IFC model using some common viewers.

The IFC model will be refreshed each time a set of Standard Components is republished, similar to the practice in place for the Revit model. Revisioning for the Revit and IFC model will align.

The IFC model and associated guidance notes can be found in the Project Resources page, under AusHFG Model Resources. 

Kind regards
The AusHFG Team