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Date published 18/09/2018

An updated revision of Part C (Revision 6.0, 18 September 2018) has been uploaded. This was developed through an extensive consultation process that included specialty architectural, DDA, BCA and security consultants.

Major changes are as follows:

  • inclusion of a comprehensive description of the AusHFG Method of Measurement;
  • inclusion of recommended intra-departmental circulation rates and travel and engineering allowances based on benchmarking to a range of facilities across Australia;
  • general update to content through BCA Consultant advice with reference to the current relevant regulations, guidelines and standards including relevant performance requirements of the National Construction Code – BCA Volume One (BCA);
  • general update to content through DDA Consultant advice and inclusion of Human Engineering Performance Requirements (HEPR) to address key requirements relating to accessibility within the design of health care facilities;
  • inclusion of a comprehensive approach to wayfinding strategies (the previous version of Part C was focused on signage); and
  • development of two separate sections relating to security and safety with associated updates to the legislative framework and content through specialist consultant advice.

The recommended circulation rates included in Part C take precedence over those included in the individual Health Planning Units.

A thank you is extended to all those who have contributed to the development of this document.

Kind regards,

AusHFG Team