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Date published 10/07/2018

An updated health planning unit, B.0520 Operating Unit (Revision 6), has been uploaded and describes the operational, functional and design requirements for the management of a range of surgical and related procedures. The revised version has been informed by an extensive consultation process with clinical experts.

Major changes include:

  • general revision of content to align with current best practice models of service delivery, as well as current and emerging technologies,
  • updated schedule of accommodation including reorganisation to align with the core functional zones, inclusion of theatre suite scenarios of 6, 10 and 16 room facilities, and revisions to align with the updated standard components, and
  • updated operating unit flow diagrams including air pressurisation.

Updated Standard Components for Operating Units include:

Anaesthetic Preparation Room, 16m² - ANAE-16

Clean-Up Room - Shared, 10m2 - CLUP-10

Procedure Room – Endoscopy - ENPR

Operating Room – General - ORGN

Patient Bay - Recovery Stage 1, 9m2 - PBTR-RS1

Scrub Up, 4m2 - SCRB-4

Store - Sterile Stock, 20m2 - STSS-20

Store - Sterile Stock, Central Core - STSS-CC

A thank you is extended to the many user representatives, jurisdictional representatives and consultants who have assisted in the review and production of these resources.


Kind regards

The AusHFG Team