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Date published 05/04/2018

The following AusHFG Standard Component sets and HPU document have been updated:

  • Inpatient Bed Room Standard Components,
  • Maternity Standard Components, and
  • the Inpatient Accommodation Unit HPU document (SOA only). 

Major updates to the Standard Components include:

  • Inpatient Bed Room layouts that include inboard, outboard and back-to-back ensuite options on commonly used structural grids,
  • the inclusion of a Standard Component for a Bariatric 1 Bed Room, and
  • the provision of Birthing Room Standard Components with and without a birthing bath.

In addition to the above, a new Standard Component has been created for a Consult Room – Universal Access.

Please note that the only change to the Inpatient Accommodation Unit HPU document is an update of its Schedule of Accommodation, to reflect the updated Inpatient Bed Room Standard Components.  No other content in this HPU document has been altered pending a full review of the document planned for later this year.

For details, please refer to the Standard Component Document Register and Parts and HPU Document Register.  The Document Registers can be found on the Resources page of the AusHFG website.

To supplement this publication, new revisions of the AusHFG Revit Model (v3.0) and Item Control Schedule (v1.02) have also been uploaded.

A thank you is extended to the many user representatives, jurisdictional representatives and consultants who have assisted in the review and production of these resources.