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Project Resources

AusHFG project resource files for designers and health planning professionals will continually be created to make the AusHFG data easier to use.

The re-launch of the AusHFG website includes the provision of a single Revit file containing all the Standard Components (except those under review) available for download for use by designers.  This resource represents the greatest innovation and upgrade of the AusHFG information.

Through provision of this information AHIA has responded to the needs of the industry and is supporting the use of Building Information Modelling throughout the health sector to build and manage health assets.

Please note that the Standard Component RDS and RLS information contained on the AusHFG website pages take precedence over any AusHFG resources files provided.

If there is ever a discrepancy between AusHFG resources provided and the RDS and RLS information for any individual Standard Component, any additional or any missing information please refer to the published revision of the Standard Component in question.

This is a very large file and it is intended for use by organisations with the capacity to access files of this size due to the nature of their work.

Further resources will be added soon.  Please go to the Subcribe for Alerts form to register to ensure you know when these resources become available.

RVT File Version 1


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